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“My brother gave me his recording gear when he set off for Adelaide to start a family,” says Hugh, “with a couple of microphones and my computer, I began make demos in order to convey ideas to potential bandmates. Once I discovered how fun it is to create my own tunes, I was hooked and decided to make more.” 

Now in present day Hugh F has only just turned 26 but already has three self-produced albums under his belt. In 2016 he released a collection of songs under the title Rise and Shine on a batch of 150 CD’s which sold out quickly. Same with the next album Childhood Reunion (2019), only 100 copies were made and have since been snapped up. 

“This album [Childhood Reunion] is too good to languish in obscurity,” Hanlon declares, “Already on album number two you can her Hugh drifting further away from his early influences and carving out his own unique style. His voice is just so damn clear and his sense of melody is so idiosyncratic and catchy as hell.” 

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