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Flippin Yeah Records - the label owned and operated by singer Darren Hanlon - is proud to have Melbourne’s Hugh F in it’s small but growing family. Like all the other acts on the label this new relationship came about through a chance meeting. Hanlon chanced upon Hugh randomly, late 2018 in Portland OR when the young adventurer was hitchhiking around and sleeping in parks. 
“He and this other great Melbourne singer Zoe Fox turned up to a Josephine Foster show I was helping out at,” Darren remembers, “they introduced themselves to everyone and were soon offered to sit one of my friend’s houses while he was away. I ran into them a few times over the coming days and Hugh off-handedly mentioned that he wrote a few songs."

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 12.36.18
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 12.34.30

Singing with Darren Hanlon - Sydney - Dec 2019

Neumos basement - Seattle - Feb 2020

Supporting Chastity Belt - Neumos - Seattle - Feb 2020

"Fast forward to when I was back in Melbourne months later and I stumbled across Hugh’s Instagram page without realising it was the same guy. He’d posted all these incredibly catchy one minute songs that got stuck in my head (Do You Have a Minute?). It took a bit of research to realise he was the same person I’d met in Portland.” Hanlon then heard the full length album Hugh F had self-released called Childhood Reunion and was so taken with it offered to release a vinyl LP version on his own label Flippin Yeah Records. “I relate to a lot of the themes Hugh sings about,” says Hanlon, “like animals, food and family, and the feeling of dislocation that comes from moving to the city from the country. And he does it in such an earnest and unpretentious way.” 


Supporting Chastity Belt - Lodge Room - LA  - Feb 2020


X-mas concert with Darren Hanlon - Dec 2019

Hugh Fuchsen was raised up in the Australian community of Yackandandah. His very first singing lessons consisted of mimicking the yodel of livestock that would frequently bellow at night. “My mother encouraged me to get into classical piano and singing as a child. I started to play the guitar at 14 as my older brother and friends were all playing rock music," Hugh says.

His migration towards the big smoke of Melbourne was to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, who being a rock and roll drummer and sound engineer also played the part of a musical mentor. It didn’t take long for Hugh to graft himself onto the inner city music scene and start writing his own songs and performing live. The next step was to get them recorded for posterity. CONTINUE READING


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